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Meet The Team

Terrance McMahon, Co-Founder & CEO

Terrance McMahon was sitting in a hospital room dying from liver failure. Doctors said he had 90 days to live and that his chances of finding a match for a liver transplant in time were slim. So slim that it wasn’t until the end of his 90-day death sentence that a liver from a young prisoner in Alabama was deemed a match.

Given a second chance at life, Terrance decided to recreate himself from a multi-millionaire morbidly obese, alcoholic CEO of MassMutual-Northern New England to a healthy and sober business coach, speaker, podcast host, bestselling author and mentor.

Today, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of — and he’s doing it on his time.

Since then, Terrance has helped thousands of people recreate themselves using algorithm, software, and artificial intelligence to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and take the right steps towards building a business that revolves around their lifestyle. Not the other way around. He doesn’t just help people make money. He helps them develop the tools for complete freedom.

Mitch Carson, Co-Founder

Mitch Carson, Co-Founder

David McMahon, Chief Marketing Officer

Darrin Brodie, Chief Technology Officer

Darrin Brodie, Chief Technology Officer

Clifton Gerring, Director of Sales

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